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The health of larger animals, however, is rarely affected.
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can afford to overlook it, and he will succeed best as a practitioner who
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Examination with cystoscope shows l>ladder normal except
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Dr. Kolaczek is of the opinion that this tumor sprang
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to complete the expulsion of air from the lungs. The first
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ture of the vapour bath, or steam, as it is called, that it is enfeebling, and
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fectly humane and unobjectionable manner. It can never
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condition similar to that of a gutter in a rainy day in a city street, where the
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in Chicago has been taken by the officials of the Health and
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t Text Book of Practical Medicine, Am. Ed., 1869, vol. 2, p. 296.
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condition the susceptibility of the individual. Cases of auto-infection
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fine fibril) ae of yellow elastic tissue in the connective tissue of each one of the
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curred before his eyes and within a few hours prior to the
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Sol. phosphori, Thompson (teaspoonful containing .003 of phosphorus), tried
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small-pox, I got a special meeting of the Sanitary Authority
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