Fig. 4.— Weight losses— type I, cured at different temperatures.

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terial.) Vrach, St. Petersb.,1892. xiii, 27-29. J.>o. Reprint.

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lips. The mucous membrane of the mouth and throat was more

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the left ventricle associated with hypertrophy, or in simple dilatation of

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result of ■ certain visceral diseases. Such cases would be fairly comparable

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tive medicines. The object is to excite the peristaltic motion

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is another name for them, which seems only due to the common use of

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rule readily recognized ; the disease has a sudden onset ; there is intense

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had some return of his old trouble, the seizures never

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to such an extent that, when filled, my perfected evacuator

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testine, Uie rest depending on the swelling of the wall of the intestine.

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hours, if necessary, and frictions to the body could be

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is neither dissolved by heat nor nitric acid. The presence of

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2. Remember to use clean, filtered, boiled water in all

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tlemen, also that copies be sent to the medical press for pub-

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ery, Post-Graduate Medical School j Attending Surgeon of German II

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laughter, during which the tumour burst into his throat and

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suspicious of localized peritonitis, which I fear. I will decide

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candidate in the coming election for the Local Legislature in

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gradual, but constant, and she was discharged Sept. 19th, cured.

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the cereak, bread, fruit, light desserts, a moderate amount of coffee, and a

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of the patient that it could not be persisted in, and on resuming the amy-

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swolliMi ; punctate «>rt liyeina on roof of mouth and brilliant ov(5r Ixjdy ; cffrvical lymph nodes

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The patient has been on the police force 11 years. At the

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nally the patient has been getting a teaspoonful of bovi-

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London, Eng., reports a number of cases of headache successfully treated, and

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" chain, we have glycocine, and glycollic and lactic

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5. DRUMMOND. Lancet. 1887, i. p. 12, Obs. 5. 6. EISENLOHR. Arch. f. Psych.