Art. XIV. — Principles of Physiolofjy, General and Comparaiive. By William

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medical officer of health of the county or district consents to the

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ideal, the post-nasal space and the uvula return to nor-

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attached to the syringe, is first filled with liquid phenol,

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way of determining the precise therapeutical value of drugs,

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calling on both sides, but a dearth of dispassionate smdy

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are suicidal rarely possess this character; they terminate gradually m a sharp

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Pilliet. In a case pultlished by Sir J. Williams (73) the liver was

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Cooper, Dr. G. M 11, 88, 58, 62, 70, 76, 80. 84, 91, 98

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Caution. — Care, not to ignite the inflammable liquids.

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side as the disease progresses. The pain expert in order to bring out the full benefits

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with one of these descriptions of a certain type. We often have a

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of ]K)wer over the muscles ma^' be complete, or the ]jaralysis may han

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7 clinically successful results. In 16 cases Gravesen had 9 tech-

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stances, the infusion of matico, made of double the ordinary

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entering for the purpose, it was evident that there

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Sex is of little etiological significance in cancer of the intestines.

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asleep, which obliged him to cherish the cats by feeding them

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were slimy, and were passed without straining or apparent

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dissolution took place in December, 1898, 23 months after

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nostril. She was anaemic, always subject to headaches;

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the brain still remains in contact with the vault of the

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Albert S. Ammeriuaii, at his home in Rapid City, S. D., October

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dical students are advised by teachers of great emi-

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of whom traces have been lost) are known to be living, and

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days later, or June 4th, all other symptoms improving

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and catarrhal forms, it is to be said that the development

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committee be empowered to obtain from the Attorney-General

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the figures where they were used show quite accurately the manurial

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3. — Wathen discusses the value of the infrapubic route