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week, as was done in my third case. Thoracentesis with a No. 2 needle
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1865 the number of these institutions reporting to the state superin-
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:middle ureteral isthmus is shorter and liable to be narrower in lumen
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breathe and our words may burn. The presence of so large an
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chlorate of potash effected an immediate cure. Also in
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like always, it is necessary to use good judgment. For ex-
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Case XXVII. , page 252. — Aged twenty-three months;
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assistance, but I determined to do it alone, and proceeded by mak-
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1 H. Bunce, A.B., M.D., F.A C.P. George F. Klugh. B.S..M.D.
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platelet function in all of 16 patients who had infectious
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" falling-evil " or " falling-sickness." But the muscles commonly pass
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een days since the accident, the motions of the joint were al-
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Chir. J., 1886, Ti, 24-26. — Kellogg (E. S. ) Subcon-
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diac action is strong and the muscular system is well
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seated lump through the tissues, and encountered the foreign body. By certain
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structure, is all that one discovers at an autopsy. This, no doubt, suffices to
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tries have found practicable. Legislation will no doubt
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rapid formation of minute bubbles of air in the substance of the shaft,
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not like using the word unconsciousness as the result of such
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operation of turning the child,* do so under the idea that by art they are
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27 tk. The tumour broke, difcharged a little pus and water,
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closure had been made ? Besides, the letter i a physician of the present period, in our
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Spirochaetes are found in the liver smears of the sick guinea pigs. In
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in size of the surface of the hypertrophic conjunctiva,
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Part II. — The Development of T. lewisi in the Flea. 512
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