between the present city of Washington and the District of Columbia.
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degeneration begins in the upper segment lateral columns, pyramidal
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bolic acid that any organisms adherent to the polished surface
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of man-midwifery, but much of his work was done in London.
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early, rupture of the membranes should be delayed by every expedient
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Besides these substances and their modes of innocent agency or
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capsular ligament. During my visit in Strassburg, Prof. Luecke showed
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Heiberg (J.) The movements i>f Ihe ulna in rotation of
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presentation, whilst in a breech presentation their impingement
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a case of recurrence of papilloma of the vagina in an
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divided the lower lip and chin, beginning at the free margin of the lip, just
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covered with a grayish layer of inflammatory exudate.
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Laverania malarice, the subtertian parasite, acts upon the endo- '
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doubtful cases, Calcraft's ingenuity and his simple
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cases, in one of which it appeared to act like a charm, but in the others no
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affected; the liver is normal; the spleen for the most part remains
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typical tonic and clonic contractions of the muscles, with froth at the
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He went through a second typical pneumonia. Dr. Carl Weidner
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Case 37. — A girl, aged 9, under Mr. Little's care. She was in good
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that the conjoint effect of these two powerful medicines, will ac-
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restrainable hemorrhage in a late stage. Cases which begin with
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met with in recent years, particularly one seen lately with one of my
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fiuniliar with this apiK*arance of the stools in young children, and after
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which I have made post-mortem examinations, in which there
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be encountered. Teichmuller states that Charcot-Leyden crystals
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In ulcer of the stomach the gastric juice always con-
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We would call the attention of the profession to a paper (published
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stupor, pains in the limbs or back ; the toes and fingers becoming numb*
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m6d.-qnir. de la Habaiia, 1892, xviii, 113; 226. — Ulailaii
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men. . . . They affect to deliver their rules and to
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walls were thickened ; the right auriculo-ventricular orifice with