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spheres, mostly on the left, in various sulci, and at the
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It is noteworthy that there is sometimes a distinct prolonga-
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the influence of the morbific poison will be experienced when the movements of
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From destruction of vessels there results a compensatory collateral
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chin which prevented his being able to shave. He applied to a
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entered hospital with typhoid fever, the characteristic eruption being well
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now under observation, that of a boy, aged ten, with a
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18. Burns also are enumerated among the effects of external violence : therefore,
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4 Coloured Plates and 131 Illustrations, (is. fid. net.
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sublimate, or by chloride of gold, but it is by sulphurous acid and chloride a
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usually higher in carbonic acid gas, possibly due to his methods.
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function of the valves is to prevent the over-distension of the lower veins
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Drs. G. W. Sengpiel, R. T. McCarty, J. J. Wallerius,
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often used for ringing the dining room bell, it is known as the Daisy
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high price often prevented my using it as a disinfecting remedy for
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arteries traversing an abscess should make the surgeon careful
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The best solution test is composed as follows: — Twelve grains of
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the collected heat liberated from the body) or by estimating the quantity
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nerves to their terminations within the eyeball. Subsequent writers have
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gentleman who was born blind, or had lost his sight so early that he
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countries, there are 1,470,078 cows to 2,033,959 inhabitants,
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organs, read a very interesting paper on spermatic colic in the left vas defe-
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projecting inward, which has put an end to the oozing of urine
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cells. Sometimes injection of the pia and minute hemorrhages into the gray
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1883 Pitts, Beexaed, M.A., M.C., 100, Harley Street, W. (C. 1893.)
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malignant disease of the bile duct is seldom observed, while not
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This was especially true in patients with relapses of colitis,
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the form of more or less sclerotic, yeast-cell-like bodies which multiply