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the stomach gives great pain, and the pulsation of the vessels is
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lead paralysis to a greater or less extent. Of these
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the motor ganglia and tract. The tlieory of the meelianism of
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H. A. COTTELL, M. D., M. F. COOMES, A. M., M. D., Editors.
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Kerley has been appointed attending physician to the
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late in June last, I called at his residence to take leave of
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ation, he believed that we must have the presence of
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become members of this Association, and a large number of them have
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a distinctly progressive character. As to the nature of the changes themselves,
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fined to her bed for several months the year belore,
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Tenscliwanze. Arch. f. Physiol., Leipz., 1880, 415-431, 1
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mortar with some of the spawn ; then mix that colored butter
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toplasm is filled with small fat droplets. An occasional large endothelial cell
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traction of the ether surrounding each metal particle
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paid for the big Lincoln*. The latter, however, give a greater quan-
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President of the American Public Health Association. Cambridge : The Riverside Press.
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of sewage, chlorine, and ammonia may reach the water,
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some close afi&nity, if not actual identity, between it and tubercle. But
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nose normal; general health good. Bacterial analyses were
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head is away from the axis of rotation, as if the head were
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In the operation of hysterectomy, as it has been recently done,
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the time when the practice ceased of keeping the patients immod-
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of double sciatica, and one of multiple neuritis, which I
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compulsory health insurance had been artificially cre-
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soda or salicydic acid are good remedies. A teaspoonful or more
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able frequency of hemorrhage as a cause of death in the
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Canadian Journal of Medicine and l^nrgery," 145 College St., Toronto, Canada.
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already made (p. 349) to the effect which operations frequently
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cysts are found in other parts of the body, more especially in the liver,
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very good reason. The parties to whose course we object evidently