Bergmann the practical working of his instrument, the lat-

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tions, almost inseparable, and that which applied to the treat-

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removed, packed in ice and taken immediately to the laboratory. This

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who blisters the chest for pneumonia, or the epigastrium for

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jury were contained in my memoir of [March, 1878. I shall not repeat

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strengthen the diagnosis. A capital point in the diagnosis is the co-existence

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loped at the periphery. We are able ourselves to testify to the

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One third of inch a culture (approximately 460,000 million bac-

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The committee, in fact — making use of your own ex-

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decided success in the treatment of forty cases of intestinal catarrh

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their knowledge; they condemn without investigation, and raise a cla-

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the toxins elaborated in vitro by the above-named organisms,

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McKay, M., hospital steward, relieved from duty at Boston, Mass.,

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(Diphtheria Prophylactic) is a mixture of Diphtheria

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the central loVjes at least, was not excitable under the

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tently with death before immersion. The admission made by the witness m

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deviation had been concealed, and that he could no longer benefit bis

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strongly a more frequent use of strychnine in the treat-

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white systems in animals with a partial obstruction, but these have

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elastic, with a fresher colour and more vascularity. Those

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does not pass beyond the prodromal stage ; or various of the stages aze

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Stain cold for 10 seconds, wash with water, dry, and mount.

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for its army; the French having made it optional alike

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On auscultation, there will be noted, in almost all in-

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ing for them is a contravention of the present con-

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sternum and ribs to a varying extent. It is also, however, propagated

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