general peritonitis. In other cases circumscribed pain, tenderness, and

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formed that accounts parallel to this are common enough

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or less intimate contact with hospitals under foreign control. This

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the vicinity of women in childbed, would give rise in the latter to puerperal

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Report of a case of gunshot wouud of the orbit with per-

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dred pages, with an elaborate and well-classified index.

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abdomen, and were seized with violent retching, which was at-

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goes dilatation with hypertrophy in mitral disease, especially stenosis;

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• April 3-7, 45th Annual Assembly of the Southeastern Surgical

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admitted, but it must be considered as a congenital disease, due to imperfect

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the malady. A moderate position is taken with reference

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but have now discarded them in young children for the improved Gott-

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taining eight c.c. ; from this, one loop was removed

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Not long ago I became acquainted with a doctor who had twice

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The anesthetic was given by an experienced assistant ; it was given through

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and follicles, the distal part of the process containing

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mal. During the period of hyperpyrexia excessive amounts of creatinin

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gradual, but constant, and she was discharged Sept. 19th, cured.

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however, are particularly interesting as showing a rather marked con-

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any dilatation of left ventricle. Both cases fed in part on rice water.

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Culicidge with head covered with narrow, curved scales above, flat scales at

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confined to purely technical questions ; that they will go to work

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amputations. In addition to the sponsoring physicians

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bronchial mucous membrane is highly congested, dark red in color, and

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and, testing again, I find it acid. In half an hour the reaction

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Pathol., tom. ii., p. 150): — 1. A mechanical ob-

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the ten pupils now in the institution, upon admission

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system synapses. Since peripheral muscarinic receptors are