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labour by the use of in.strument9 during parturition, or by

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portions of the skin which are naturally apposed. The resources of

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more particularly in the neighborhood of the genital organs

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cream base with a pH of approximately 5.0. Inactive ingredients: liquid

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to death, and to correct complications. Failure of the heart requires

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the form of the popular beverage called soda water, as it was prepared

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after excision for ununited fracture of the shaft of the right femur.

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culean tasks, that they had not the capability or finesse

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supervision by Mr. G. T. Gwilliam, F.R.A.S., who from an astro-

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was gouty, and who had for several years passed large quantities of albumin

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insects, such as gnats, fleas, and bugs. In this last case, however, the

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small quantity of frothy mucus tinged with blood, which was the only con-

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local and long distance telephones. Livery for use of patients. Separate cottages with call

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interest in the matter among the people at large. In the first

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more frequently associated with an anaemic state of that or-

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which causes a fine flocculent precipitate, which quickly settles, bringing

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details of this case will be published later on. It is safe,

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and corrected. Yet, if the very laige percentage of the

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M. J., Loiid., 18!)5, i, 1021-1025.— llleiidini (G.) L' Idro-

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premise the application of cups or leeches to the belly, if the surface

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to be preferred. A liability to exposure to smallpox, however, renders

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going-over is pleasant enough the after-vomiting is not a matter of

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As a page in the Virginia senate 44 years ago, Clarence

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piece of narrow, soft rubber tubing about 0.8 cm. long. The end of the lattei

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instrument — this is not believable, but true, in

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the discharges were so promptly checked that an indigestion did not