Feb. 23. — Has had slight pain; removed tent, applied another, and
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litis, either punctated or membranous, for the very simple
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As a third form, an intermuscular, interstitial, or intra—
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formed a voluntary Association, which continued in successful opera-
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empirical data, that a proposed treatment has been useless
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Dr. J. H. GiRDNER, who had watched the operation and the
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when used in a too hurried succession. Care should be used
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from the gastrointestinal tract the separate administration of
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found its way into the bed of the tonsil, and on putting on pressure the whole
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Hewett's and Birkett's return few entertained much doubt.
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Palmer, London, 1837, vol. i, p. 393; vol. iii, pp. 296, 297, 300, 357, 372, 375, 381, 382, 385.)
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tissue. In only two were thymus remains discovered. The bones were examined
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bltxxi, wliile in the folds and puckers formed hy the walls of the oesophagus
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direction of the Acting Secretary of War, will, in addition
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Dilatation of the ureter below the site of the lodgement of the calculus
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of the side, that extension of the dull sound beyond the middle
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urine, involuntary discharges of urine, immoderate menstruation,
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It will then be seen that transfusion was beneficial and
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The stalks of Solarium dulcamara, a native of Europe, natural-
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known fact, that a platinum wire once ignited, remains in this state as
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tis, or of wide-extending, yet circumscribed, peritoni-
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various stages of evolution ; its urine was albumi-
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bronchial pneumonia in the same area due to secondary infection.
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been, after considerable effort, regulated and in part drained, with
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offered. Dr. Ord's discovery would direct more attention to
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strengthen the diagnosis. A capital point in the diagnosis is the co-existence
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high rectal injections may be given to create absorption of
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signs of degeneration were lacking; in the case of Griffith, the nerves
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after the birth of a child, probably very close to the ex-
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of the physician. The eruption of the first set, however, is a fertile source
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have associated with children of American birth and parentage. Among
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