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moval of the calvarium and brain the posterior incision

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appeared greatly enlarged and altered in form. On looking

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those occasioned by acrid and corrosive poisons. It is a con-

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eminent Surgeon, being also an influential member of the

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logical actions, produced by remedial means ; all so arranged

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instance of the then President of the new Board, divided into

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present. The importance of knowing the characteristics of the vaccine

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pulmonary disease. The pain extended forwards and up-

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The diagi-ams show the great vai-iations in the size of the flea's stomach.

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flabby. The kidneys are generally the seat of parenchymatous

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The general conclusion arrived at was that there was, in

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we simply prescribe a mild, unirritating diet, keep the bowels open,

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from the 900 survivors would be $180,000 and deducting, $110,000 in death

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answer scientific objections, and such objections alone.

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as long as they sit still or are lying in bed. This is simply because a

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commission admit that there appears to be some con-

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cautioned as regards his diet in order to prevent a re-

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favourably, in which it was used in very large doses, almost to the exclusion

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feller Institute for Medical Research, for their suggestions and

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seen six or eight dead bodies lying at one time at the

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near perfection that it would successfully challenge im-

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Dr. Lasher asked if it was the first attack; thought it criminal not to operate

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down the posterior part of the arm under the elbow and obliquely

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pations performed with unnecessary frequency and severity in the

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[We believe that there is something more than examination

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with twins or triplings. I noticed that the disorder did not lessen

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margin usually spread over wide areas of the substratum, whereas

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fant of 9 months in whom the Widal reaction was absent, al-