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ter : " Upon the action of the District Societies, and not upon the

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of Mr. Stoney's investigations. On several occasions he found

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accident, viz., the fact that the patient was unable to see the

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In gonorrhoea, chronic or about to become such, tannic acid,

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of the case, and a hurried examination revealed but little. . It

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8. Uraemia, as evidenced by convulsions, drowsiness,

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fuchsine, aided by aniline oil, a weak alkaline fluid which

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involved in a dilatation of the first part of the aortic arch,

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2000. This is exciting and will present medicine with

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from tuberculosis of the lungs. Death from tubercu-

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The treatment of this form of dropsy differs little from what has

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2. It is also said that alcohol gives wannth. This is true for a few minutes,

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gions. It is expected by such training that they will become more

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gastric contents is always definitely and persistently

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1049, and was obliged to empty the bladder every hour. He

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Furgative medicine^ when resorted to in season, that

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tematic reviews of pharmacy records. The investigators re-

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are administered. In Richmond, the group also observed the state medical examiner

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When the trichinae capsules are swallowed, they are dissolved

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Orxoinal Communications, reports of interesting cases, local news of general interest