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porary relief from the convulsions. Hutchins states that chloretone

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subjacent cartilage, which, being deprived of its nutrient membrane, finally

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Dr. Schweninger, Bismarck's Leibarzt, to a position in the

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Altogether twenty-five "contacts " were quarantined; six

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Italian translation of Dr. Robert W. Taylor's work on

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the slough was excised, the adjacent skin scarified, and deep

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they are not confined to such subjects, hallucinations are very frequent

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Definition. — An infectious febrile disease of more or less rapid owri.

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and strain. Add the mercurial salts dissolved in the

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through cells in which this is impeded or in which it is desired

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antitubercular vaccinations with old cultures, and after subcutaneous

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Thyroid. In the majority of cases of cretinism there are goitres of various

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remarkable clinical cases ; but it is with parietal strain that we are

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["If we ask just how this meeting occurs, it is hard to

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The skin over a goitre is sometimes of normal appearance, sometimes it

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some reason or other, to use Esmarch's band. By apply-

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of almost all the nervous functions, and yet, after eight years' continuance, so

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hook was then passed over the thigh, and by great exertion the

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musty bread. The salt pork came from New England, and was neither

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gods for that calamity, the Books were consulted, and

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stage, accompanied by severe pains in the limbs, back and

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approach to medical care and health care maintenance and

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cholesterin in bile is an excretory product derived chiefly from the destructive

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of the face consisted in a trifling drooping of the right angle of the mouth,

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of tie Army, after the manner of the monthly reports

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memory in every department was prodigious, and his knowledge and ac-

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I need simply explain my conception of hysteria and my view of

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acid is readily eliminated, with formation of the anhydride of 1-amino-

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that when a piece of zinc is immersed in strong sul-

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