sity of caution, when we endeavor to determine accurately tlie characteristic morbific efl^ctf
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resulting from the violent injury done to the pelvis five or six years
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advanced, and rapidly taking on the scabby ulceration of the latter,
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arranged across that passage, should be incapable of ex-
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wide, unbleached cotton cloth should be provided, which
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thirteen of dry gluten, or from 500 to 600 of wheaten
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certain conclusions regarding its field of usefulness
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an account of our personal experience. The writer's height
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The nearer to full term the stronger the claim of Caesarean
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College. An Obstetrician-Gynecologist, she spent both her internship
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of the flexor brevis digitorum. Insertion, each tendon into the last
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collected together must throw light and increased know-
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seven lectureships, in Glasgow of t0o chairs and five lecture.'-hips,
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vanced in one side than the other may have a certain localizing value
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animal heat becoming almost wholly extinct, the surface of the body,
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As already stated, the different conditions of the stomach-contents
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tion of e\(i>i(in ill the cases I have reported this evening.
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active duodenal ulcer. In most patients, the ulcer will heai within four weeks.
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of the Academy of Medicine of Paris on the 19th of February, M.
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and reiterating every few minutes that be of the trachea to the chest, and round to the
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breast with the tips of the fingers; second uses deeper pressure with the finger
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use does not lead to a habit. Used by the mouth it should
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States who have for years been turning out such excellent anti-
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John M. H. Mabtin, M.D., F.R.C.S., Hon. Surgeon to the Blackburn
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fish. Shellfish may be diseased when taken from the water, but little
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burned with a stick of Lunar Caustic. For sore teats use an
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