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will justify .proceedings, and that a subsidized journal is not necessary as

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The contractions are usually paroxysmal and are attended with

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five cases out of nine that he examined. It is also sometimes

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accomplished so easily after subcutaneous tenotomy of the tendo

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a pledget of absorbent cotton in the left nares, and

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great labour which Dr. Johnston had undergone in compiling these

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folds. About the time the skin eruption appears

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vermiform appendix, but it also occurs in disease of the female genital

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lirium, succeeds; and, finally, every act of the mind is suspended:

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tion. The skin over the whole head was severely swol-

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the breathing and the circulation remain sufficient.

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buttock ; in the latter area the patient is not at all able to dis-

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and closes in June. The college has a hospital of its own.

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Non union is where reparative action is this whether any history of specific infect-

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but limits himself to the statement that, whatever may be the channel

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tables compiled by Dr. Lee,* embracing a period of sixteen

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mother and child were saved makes this case from one of our most distant

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Oswald Home Bell. Dr. Liebreich, of Berlin, has received

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ence, we consider barbarous and unjustifiable in the extreme.

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own hands, and, if his system survive so long, he will be curious

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third, are mere consequences or results of the undefined changes of

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sclerosis can l)e traced up to the bulb ; the higher the situation of the

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were paralysis of the facial and abducens, the excessive trigeminal an-

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he would not notice. For the native the climate seems

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resolved, on May 29, 1866: "That the Medical CouncUave of opinion, that

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and relief. It is a safe, and simple, and grateful remedy, and has

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plication of these physiological principles, arrive at results