already been reported (Reference Handbook of the Medical Sciences, sup-

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results. The State Board of Health, through the laboratory of hygiene,

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on the outer part of the sole of the left foot, about 2 in. behind the little

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mote and .indefinite to oppose an obstacle to present temptation.

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vented. In choking, as by oats, the passage of the tube

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Here it is in place, also, to make reference to casts. The blood-cast

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some other disease that has had the effect of making the lung

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aeiditv, and its comparatively threat powers as an exhilarating and sustaining stimulant in proportion to the small quantity of alcohol it contains.

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Doug Turecek, Management Information Systems director

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incipient stage of pulmonary tuberculosis may last but a few weeks,

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chemically proved. This much is certain, that the formation of

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notice; but it is a symptom of importance, and should be

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should be under strict civil service, and an appointment should

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abdomen the patient should be operated upon. If the pieces of cloth-

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and lacerated wounds of foot with luxation of ankle joint

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the train of war have never been wholly absent from the world, and as

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rently, brigades, battalions and divisions, always preceded by a long-

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condition of the economy in all respects is such as to predis-

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principle is the same as that whereby a beam of light

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cent, of all return case houses, as compared with 25 per cent, obtained

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ilenra, anatomically, ia essentially similar to other serous mem-

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the open air, after having kept within doors for a day or two.

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nated because of a smallpox endemic in the institution. The operation

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of diseases of the mouth, they become practitioners of

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1975 Zonal Ave. KAM3 14. Los Angeles 90033. (213) 224-705 1 .

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ing that several years ago, she had it every summer