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mal dimensions, whilst the pseudo-rheumatic pains were almost com-

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There may be pain in the right iliac fossa ; but is not this often the case

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bad occurred in relation to the accident, he informed the physician that

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not like to say " no " to a fond and ambitious mother.

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bricated surface, facilitates the play of the lungs and ribs in the

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to leave the bone alone than to attempt to raise or remove it. In

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(4) Flora and fauna. Certain kinds of insects, animals, and

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least complicated. Personally, he favors the Bassini method,

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tion of artificial abortion was discussed in a consultation. One of the

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not be more dreaded and shunned if he had the plague. And in

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specific. Local and diffuse gummatous meningo-encephalitis is, however, rare

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proper, and are no less conscious of the justice of our

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At the same time, we are doubtful as to whether the rules

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vent its return, or at any rate to lengthen the intervals of freedom

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rapidity with which the wound heals is often phenomenal. The

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essary in a civilized State like Pennsylvania. Can it be

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organs by the action of light. The impartation of energy to

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Tliir 1 District — J. R. Bonham, James L. Babcock,

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the movements of the intestines is the proper thing to do. But often

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The Committee of Arrangements join with every friend and well-wisher

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or sigmoid flexure. Experience has shown that the method

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The first species of dicephalus is Dicephalus dibrachius—a

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leaves are opposite and stand on long footstalks ; are

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peritoneal fat exposed, when, after a little dissection,

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In chronic cases the symptoms are not necessarily prominent,

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titrated upward until blood pressure is controlled or to a maximum of 40 mg daily.

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tion of novel plans of life, or by the resuscitation of the ancient schemes