symptoms, as pain, tenderness, distention with gas or fluid, disturbed
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quite difi"erent from that produced by gases unfit for respiration; and that, if
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sensibility of a portion or the whole of the cutaneous sur-
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the sick man, thankful to snatch, if he can, broken intervals of sleep, is
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It is now a well-recognized fact that all septic absorption ends so soon
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Operative Treatment of Glaucoma, discusses an operation which he had
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acute arteritis, syphilitic or bacterial; calcareous degeneration, espe-
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Dr. H. Chauncey, No. 152 South Fourth street, Philadelphia.
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blood constituents. It is often stated that there is an increase immediately
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not like to say " no " to a fond and ambitious mother.
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pate a considerable portion of the vagina. If exam-
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composition or by counteracting their influence by some internal secretion
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vomiting often takes place, and the respirations are increased in fre-
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directly to the stomach or small intestine, and, in the second place, mani-