Students and General Practitioners. By F. II. Davenport, A. B., M. I).. Assistant
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which is not localized in its application is productive
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tal Des Veneriens nurses are occasionally found who have
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malignant ovarian cysts. Their conclusions are as follows : — When the
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cases, for his kind co-operation. Without his cordial assistance, it
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— 72a. Idem. Brain, 1884, vol. vii. p. 105. — 73. Idem. Brain, 1888, vol. x. p. 461 ;
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Auscultation. — Anteriorly, there is crepitation (mixed) from
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while using the antitoxin serum, the mortality was very
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is led to criticise the views put forward by Mr. Hutchinson in
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In young, healthy soldiers he does not see that general
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the malady. A moderate position is taken with reference
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must be treated ; the hysteroid may be disregarded.
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Dr. PuTXAM thought Dr. Dana's closing sentence must be
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not appear to be able to afford the millions, with which to col-
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liver, into any of the hollow viscera or into the peritoneal cavity.
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commented on the fall of temperature observed in these
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subordinates, under the control and in the pay of the Commis-
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ers, has extended the limits of his art. In two cases of carotid
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' 'i-""'"" -'•' ""-'- nu, pr....„, ,„K,a |,im up, hi lH-,.J„vn.l
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A Private Hospital for Mental and Nervous Disorders, Opium Habit, Inebriety, Etc.
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discusses at some length the treatment of eclampsia
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comparable basis, I have adopted the test of a standard population
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tims of syphilis, the conclusion is irresistible that syphilis, in its tertiary
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single important organ, but difi'used over the system generally — "the
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reputable newspapers as the ''head devil of all the devils.''
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McEvitt vs. Maas, 33 New York Miscellaneous Reports, 552.
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ous tonic. It seems to be very suitable for children as its taste
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can often fix the very hour of its occurrence, a severe chill attacking him
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of medical students who have taken out some of their examina-
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Fig. 5.— After third lift at fifteen pounds. (Thirty-five pounds.)