One or tAvo other things I want to say. Some men, perhaps, hardly

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advantage in that all of them have degrees in nursing and

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had been aboard for some months, the men engaged in remodel- '

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a periodical recurrence of an exacerbation every other day, thus making

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patients with grave heart disease. In the status epilejDticus death

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of arsenic, Avhich, from the short duration of the illness, had not had

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that the tumor may not prove fatal to the patient, though in

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It is a question as to whether malignant growths in the nose are

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quantities of bicarbonate of sodium are necessary to give relief,

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l^OG. Quarterly Report of Carey-Street Dlfpenfary. 259

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half an hour after the injection. The reaction is characterized by rise in

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practice, as was the case a few years since, it now numbers,

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3. '• Examine what are the functions devolving upon the

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K. Krause, A.m., M.D., Associate Professor in Medicine, Johns

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favorable influence of inoculation with vaccine material

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•eparatel;. Farta 1 to SS, ii. M. each ; Fart W, St.

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the kidney under three or four headings, modelled upon the terminology

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Drawing conclusions from these notes, they might be formulated in

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logique rationnelle. Sur I'interpretation de faits au fond assez clairs, mais

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caused bv Euj^horbia marginata, Pursh. J. Am. M. Aas.,

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that it was the infecting germ of clap. But many modern and ex-

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and there was a fair prospect of success in the solution

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vomiting during the last few days of life, but she had had

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engaged both in transpiration and absorption. Such points as we have

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ated within the al)dominal walls; that the taxis previ-

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the well-known opinions and assertions of former writers as to the

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covering membranes soon form on the mucous membrane of the pharynx

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minister at Bridgeton, and the brother of the late Eev. Dr Mac-

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He called attention to a large scrotal hernia of the

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2. Remember to use clean, filtered, boiled water in all

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was going on at the time of Galen in the second century,