very few cases except those complicating morphine and
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palate ; tightness at the chest, and dyspnoea, with cough and expectora-
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potassium are more easily transformed than the arsenite
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they are for that on human anatomy. The influence of courts
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circulation, respiration, and excretion. Humble things, I say,
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the perfect cure ; and many times (if the patient be indeed patient)
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Experience answers yes. In a practice of 28 years, we
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so bent on demonstrating a theory that the interest
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whereby septic material is shut up in the tissue that is left.
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6. Another, as yet tentative, explanation is suggested.
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lating influence on the functions of tissue elements and
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the end of about four weeks. Then you find the wires
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was apparently only minor discomfort associated with
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many cases of colotomy were performed on patients almost
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called in late in the afternoon; and found a rent upward and backward, the
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elements, or in any other way than by assuming corresponding changes of position in almost
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whole organism by means of the gases and the blood. The former act
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McBane, T. W., Pittsboro; Med. Coll. of Va., 1927 .' 1927 1929
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when the patient was discharged at the end of the twentieth week from
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tion of mj patient, I sent at seven o'clock, P. M. for Messrs.
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mia the author noted, after less than 5 months' treatment
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in which meningitis was found. In some of these instances it was localised
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after dentition, grinding of the teeth. Rolling the heM
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excited by the vegetable diuretic remedies, and the functions of the skin
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