as in '• :j ils, etc.; or such growths may assume the form of

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The case sums up as follows : Parents both dark — one

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erysipelas ; all were attacked by it. Orth found motionless micrococci both

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Such a condition as the last (neuritis) could be discovered by

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and we may recognize (1) cells which appear to be, from

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at times the adhesive process produces a fusing or matting together of

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remains to be worked out, though certain probable effects are

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generation) from certain convolutions of tlie coitcx

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of Hippocrates on " Air, Water, and Locality," the important place

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found in the vermiform appendix, that organ under such con-

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and treatment of diphtheria when the diagnosis is based upon a bacterio-

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early. If secondary degeneration has taken place the

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Dr Alexander Gordon, lecturer on midwifery, and physician to

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During, E. von. " Klin. Vorlesungcn iiber Syphilis," Hamburg, 1895.

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milling may affect very seriously the dietetic value of bread, and

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epithelial contamination. A layer of iodoform collo-

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found in the vermiform appendix, that organ under such con-

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sometimes so mild, as not even to confine patients to the house.

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Tumors in Animals." Jour, of Cancer Research, 1916,

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der. In the absence of these pills, the Tincture of Belladonna may be givea

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that is the proper time for superalimentation, for it is a

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had a causal relation to the state of unconsciousness into

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the full development of tliese symptoms by cardiac or respiratory

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tress; not to erect some costly chapel, with the names of the

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September 16th, Tuesday Forty-second Annual Session Begins.

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Company, of .Stockbridge, Mass.; but I have also to thank

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perfect apposition than silk can do, for the \ muriate of morphia, in nine drachms, beside