Kobert' recommends it in cases of advanced Syphilis, in which the

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min and no nephritic elements; only an amorphous uratic sediment which

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amputation of the toe. I could not attend both to the operation and the

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uncliaste act. The man who gives reins to his thoughts may

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therapeutics to see accurately, to reason correctly, to dis-

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or the upper extremities, lower extremities, or the entire body. It is

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effectively and more painfully the horn may be bored at its root

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the precipitate of globulin by ammonium sulphate is unsatisfactory

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regions." He regards it as venereal in origin, but distinct from

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it. The advantages of one central abattoir appear to

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ing through the point of fixation does not divide the

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the increased secretions fiow through tlie tube into the

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Twenty-three of the staff were decorated, each receiving the

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moist sputum are free from danger, because the germs are not dislodged

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State committee on national legislation to represent the State

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ratio per 1000 troops, 1-4 in 1916, 0-6 m 1917, and 0-98 in 1918 (fig.

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bly great restlessness and jactitation. As an accompaniment, and occasionally

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(Figs. 49 and 50). They are readily stained with any one of the

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the nostrils is without effect. Eubbiug of cultures upon the nasal

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longed use of galvanism in those parts which can be readily

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gical structure and soil, or at any rate there is no strong contrast, but

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A. P. Zlatnik, M.D., 1957, 1421 Seventeenth Street,

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drugs and biologicals (except narcotics) which have been desig-

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seizure would last ten minutes. At first the attacks were very frequent,

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throse solide et 6iiergiquenient inoliile, ayant tous Icscaiac-

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the methods of Hahnemann in the preparation of tinctures.

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death of Dr. William Detmold, at the age of eighty-

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expense of an outfit, including skirts, is from fifteen to twenty-

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habitat (i.e. prairie dog towns) and, if any such habitat is

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the iodide of potassium and antimony had done all the good he

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Drs. Browx and Gogg.\n related cases in which dilute

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