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to choose the purple red cabbage. Those who like the flavor
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origin, in great part, to improperly designed footwear. Practically no foot trouble of this character being
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Albert S. Ammeriuaii, at his home in Rapid City, S. D., October
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The facts adduced by Dr. G. in pjroof of the spread of erysipelas by contagion
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88, and the strength seemed to encrease ; but,, at the conclusion
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"To return to liebra. The terra Lepra — der Aussaiz in German —
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meister's curves represent the annual course of typhoid in America, and has
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by those who have devoted a fair portion of practical attention
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puted the statement that the death-rate from tuberculosis
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ing substances as his own blood contained. Finally, if
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vic organs, or the appendix vermiformis is the site.
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functions of the body, is generally easily distinguished from the other
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support several programs from September 1 until June
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which he will be examined ; and a Candidate registered as a Medical Student before the
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tendent to succeeed Dr. John H. Hammond, resigned, at the
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to fleshiness in women who have been deprived of their
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to cure), recomnunded that the head and upper abdomen be elevated,