as to time of meals, occupation, exercise, or hours
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tures, the " osteo-sarcoma " of bone. And he specially recorded instances in
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the most alarming symptoms of {\e disease. In this case I
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hand, and between theia the bladder incised about two inches
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which he demonstrates that pneumococci grow to per-
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Dr. PiTNAM said the point was, to know when ergot wa.s indicated.
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the patient b under observation. Paresis is frequently aasociait^) with ike
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ous, when made with proper precaution, than when made
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of Appeals in this State that had probably better be looking for other
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to the conviction, and to pay costs, and, if necessary, issue
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that the early treatment of fractures, as indicated, adds
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conduct of medical workers to discover facts or to co-ordinate
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the soil has never been constantly wet. It is also impossible to state a distinct
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subject. I have therefore urged, or endeavoured to urge, upon
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Data such as the foregoing compilations afford, merely disclose the
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are at once striking to the observer. Oftentimes the ring shows at
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rational method of a skillful surgical extirpation ti the dis-
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Soc. m6d. d. hop. de Par., 1888, 3. a., v, 402-477. Also ; Gaz.
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In dry and scaly eczema the following paste is suggested : Resorcin
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him to beg for amputation. This was eventually conceded,
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and, as Dr. Roberts has said, after pregnancy is over the tumor seems to
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says, in closing his account of the operation : '* After all
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lower third of the vagina there is a congenital atresia. At puberty, and