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fact that improved machinery was displacing handwork in his

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in some measure is this high reputation due to our own and other so-

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wound of the leg. Amputation of the leg, reamputation of the

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6. Singer and Holzknecht: Miinchen. med. Wchnschr., 1911, 58, 2537.

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tissue formation as well as miliary focal lesions that are essentially

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the teacher inquires — '^ What do you call this ? " '' It is granite, sir."

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ally decline, and Anally cease in all the periphery of the body

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tion ; we will first briefly dismiss that of the disease when it affects

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now improved rapidly, but three days afterward there was some return of hemor-

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more particularly in the neighborhood of the genital organs

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cystitis, and the bursting of renal abscesses in various directions,

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CIAN'S CONTRACTING HANDBOOK is a 56-page booklet that tackles specific

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liability of injuring the deep portion of the urethra.

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partake of that quality of food which contained but little oil. Hence

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have striven hard to learn the exact nature and character of this mor-

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O. F. Paget, in The Lancet, states that splendid results are

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contents of which was probably being absorbed and poi.soning

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diseased heart, fails to affect portions of the body, noted under ordinary circumstances, as the

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members of the House of Delegates present at the meeting at which their

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therefore, opposed to Dr. Johnson's views as to the pathology

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man, occupying a front seat, rose up. "If Dr. Higgins-

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or three times as rapidly as under normal conditions. He therefore thought

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injected there was a verrucose or ulcerative endocarditis. The number

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these evils, which was adapted to beings who are still subject to the

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thesis. The patients have numerous hfemorrfaages, from the nose par-

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Alexander's operation in its object. It took the place of the

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