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as its preparation sold for its weight in gold (two drachms,
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soon meet with the success which it so richly deserves.
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bulk and weight of the swelling produce, indeed, much inconveni-
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each symptom has appeared as the first or an early symptom among
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tightly contracted when such tracings are obtained, and the appearance of the
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18,467, as against 17,690 in 1888, and 16,864 ^^ 1887.
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material is sterile and can be reautoclaved. It is packaged
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very abundant in the urine, vomiting and headache pronounced, and
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dilatation and hypertrophy, inasmuch as the primary site of the
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ate, or if he is deeply chloroformed, an assistant presses strongly upon
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tous. Varicosities were also noticed in the left pec-
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more to the right of the pelvis, than to the left, it is to be car-
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trance wound that it has entered more or less sideways, and that this may,
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iodin 10 per cent., methylene blue 10 per cent., application of a thin
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concave border blending with the papilla, whilst its convex edge ex-
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illustrations are original ; many are borrowed from
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so marked ; the left leg was softer and larger ; the right leg was still small and
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to 120 C., and on cooling weighed over sulphuric acid.
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the tongue is whitish, and slightly furred; and the skin hot and dry.
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ently made a very good recovery, when there appeared in the right iliac
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the measure had been adopted in this city, and when the epidemic there
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after such a hemorrhage the spleen diminishes in size.
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great excellences. His domestic affections and habits were especially
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he is at present using mild diaphoretics and calomel, and an-
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ing, contrasting with persistence of the submental tu-
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persists and has now extended over an extraordinarily long period.
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hot air, vapour, and, in fact, baths of all kinds, are useful. The
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treatment of many inflammations consists of purgatives, more
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Has continued insensible. She now breathes with difficulty, and with heaving of the
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Total mortality in Glasgow, polluted-water period :
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ated upon for carcinoma, perished within eight days ;
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from pugilistic combats, which formerly gave rise to numerous trials on
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plication. Following the operation, there was to be, to some extent,