At the outset we must recognize the two functions of a medical

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The interest of this result is that it was the first great epidemic,

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civico pel 2° seniestre l'-'92. 50 pp. 8^. Cirita-

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certain dyes. In number, five or ten may be visible in a field or they

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been cupped nearly two hundred times, in all. I have been bled

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disease. Hence, in any person who has l)een inoculated with antit>7>hoid

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revised. Philadelphia : W. B. Saunders, 925 Walnut Street ; Torontt) :

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Treatment. — There are three main lines of treatment to be followed : —

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vessels dilate; that is why the surface becomes red. At the same

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The Crimean War appears to have added little or nothing to our knowledge of the

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can stand upright, walk a few steps, and will shortly leave the

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When several vertebrae are tightly bound together a

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acid (C^HjoOe), occurs in colorless prisms. Related to benzoic

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1312. On the other hand, the prognosis will be unfavourable,

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may occur as a sequel, though temporary achromia after chrysarobin

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difficult to imagine any people who have fewer com forts

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sistent with the presence of gangrene of the alimentary tube. The

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the process is going on. The precipitation of calcareous matter takes

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t>k nose -f iyKJk^oKfK brain.] A monstrosity with

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cruel experiments of vivisections, the horse is the

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As the area of the top of the air chamber is just fifty square

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These are the facts as they stand, and I submit that they

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cultation. Avoid a position in which the animal can strike you

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British Medical Association, at Portsmouth, a very interest-

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traditions of their race ? Thus, there is the Sikh, famous

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he lost 6, or about 50 per cent. This bad result, compared with

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most ordinary results of a continuance of dyspepsia, is the develop-

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acyclovir in the suppression of frequent episodes of

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work of the survey. These, I am informed by Mr. Mills, of the Public

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arduous task. To say that a single cause can be productive of

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of a two-per-cent solution of silver nitrate is let fall upon the eye be-

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ihe difllerence is much more marked, and if success be^ taken as a crite-