ed of blood producing the blue colours just mentioned. Other

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may be very wide of the mark, but to one who has ob-

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curred before his eyes and within a few hours prior to the

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the body ; and sometimes this predominance is such that

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depresses the peripheral motor nerve fibres, and is some-

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short. From experiments performed at La Charite, it appeared that in death

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strual flow, and uses for that purpose the two-bladed dilator of

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current president of the Arkansas Medical Society. The

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phia and London: W. B. Saunders & Co., 1902. Cloth, $3.50 net.

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no doubt, to increase the hazards which usually belong to a central position of

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appeared on the left cheek on March 2, which disappeared

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flammation directly produces softening, as the result of

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or swollen red flecks forming a rose-color rash and larger erythema-like

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agents in this stage, however, are puncture, cautery, and electrolysis.

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which induce protrusion of the bowel in dysentery — a violent tenes-

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small but it may be expected to increase. In some areas

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was made to all schools in Delaware pertaining to the

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" Objects near him he sees singly, as he can converge his eyes

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10 generations, the serum-grown cultures have developed, no

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ings in our present number, we must reserve what we may have to say

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teacher was retained all the year. In this respect we are gaining. More

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As already noted, if the posterior portion of the posterior half

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patient at once, and without embarrassment; and yet I call it multiple.

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The therapeutic indications offered are open to the same criti-

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resembling the bacillus diphtheria; and a diplococcus closely resemb-

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they are apt to become so manv lunatics, whom he has to inspect as

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' Some of the following data differ slightly from the figures

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and 255 were failures. Out of the latter, tion of hot-water vapour, the solution of

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eight, while the limb is in the straight position, as neither