which seemed to obliterate the texture, so that scarcely any

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muscles which project into the hollow of the capsule. 2. The conjunctiva is

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destroys life. — Annates de liyncco/ojfit- el li'Obs/elrigiie,

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Iron and give from 2 to 4 teaspoonfuls immediately, afterwards washing

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of Plasmodium. In the clinically benign types of malaria we have that

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and unless the surgeon makes a very thorough investigation he will not

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acumen of the author. Morton praises antimonium diaphoreticum,

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nexion, for transfer. Very convenient house, rent £50. No mid-

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out one or more muscles out of several which receive their nerve-supply

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Obstetricians and chloroform would never be needed if women of

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system to which Dr. Prout has applied the term phosphatic dia-

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all portions of the dead bone. The following case will illustrate

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at the end of which time the tumor had diminished in size to about one

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and then it runs upwaixi over the pubes, extending down the upper one-

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In 1901 Forde and Button found a trypanosome, T. gambiense

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into a cat raises the blood-pressure 70 or 80 nnn. of mercury. A similar

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phyxia. — Importance of the Subject. Division into three Classes.

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age the outlook is serious. The causes of death are pneumonia, inanition

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which I have now to record were, however, easily kept in sight for

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Hahnemann's Therapeutic Hints. By Dr. R. E. Dudgeon.

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Dr. Dudfield, the medical officer of health for Kensington, says that the

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bercle bacilli in the lungs. This objection might be an-

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ter from the time the wound healed up to the date of the operation.

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the deviation may be towards the opposite or sound sida

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These are the ways in which I have seen endocarditis or

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actually conferring a benefit upon the applicant, by preventing him from

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dyspnoea; coughing paroxysms in the night. As an expectorant, the

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the two conditions, and claims to be able to recognize the one

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Paci. The joint was firm with no telescoping. There was no limp and the child