the determination of the freezing-point of the blood furnishes the most important
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until the cessation of the pain, or the occurrence of other symptoms,,
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pital ; 61, Brook Street, W. (C. 1884-6.) Trans. 2.
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found in the fenestrations. As a rule, esophagoscopy immediately reveals the
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Dr. Sullivan had seen thirteen cases of puerperal convulsions. Were he called
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true, that it is not easy to find an instance of death from mea-
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sions in some cases. The child awakes in warm blood which raises the cold air to a
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ing the less frequent and more prolonged actions in the same
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any part. The bronchial glands, especially those on the right side, were greatly
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that his wile and daugliler had been trying to poison him. No
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4. If the better procedure be to have the protective plate
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shape and size. The entire gland is invested in an outer tiljrous areolar
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should be recognised as an inflammatory and not a neoplastic process. It may
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diseased in the three cases related) : — 1. Almost perfect
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children born in the month of August, 571 died, and of these.
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persuasion has almost without exception resulted in
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ings of Sulphur and Kali were compared, and what was common
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milk or whey with hot water to which sodium chloride (0.1 per cent.) and sodium
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wife that that was where he was going to have trouble.
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recent tuberculous cavities, but in a small portion of water; oftentimes
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centre, (e) A creche for such families as need home relief in
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present a decidedly clubbed appearance, and the nails are thickened and claw-
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ject, involving so directly, not only the undoubted privileges of
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Synonym. — Aloe succotrina, aloes sucotrin, s. socotrin,
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and (b) the cedematous fibrin at the base of the lung were tested separately.
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that the early treatment of fractures, as indicated, adds
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