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gland with hypercalcemia and hypophosphatemia have been observed in a few patients
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After the adjournment, the members of the society and their guests
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disturbances of digestion in jaundiced indi"sdduals have led several authors
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inal pressure. Muscle exercises which strengthen the
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vites attention, but the next drug, platinum, has only a page
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the aneurysm was arterio-venous ; and they did not recog-
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urine pentoses have also been found. The author recently
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Reports, vol. liii. 1896, p. 45. — 27. Vallix. Soc. med. des hop. vol. sv. 1878,
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a one to two per cent, solution of nitrate of silver by
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claims are made by the manufacturer (if any), and the result of
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notably the nervous system, shows signs of defective development; or,
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After the adjournment, the members of the society and their guests
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with Special Reference to the Use of Intraspinous Injections. By
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Exophthalmos has been observed in 3 cases of tumour ; namely, van
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explained : i, by the increased power of contraction in
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ers, even those of standard text -books, speak of tubercu
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ap|)aratus. He could now raise his hand high above his head
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eye — 2|. the axis of cylindrical curvature being perpendicular, she read easily
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complaints ? It has been generally supposed, that it
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and this susceptibility seems to increase with each new attack of
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The variety of operations proposed and performed for
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for hydrocele with a cure. There has been no edema of the ankles.
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antiperiodic depending, in some measure, upon the degree of sedation
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which is applicable to the vast majority of colored plates made
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experiments, which, he believes, demonstrate that par-
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thereby, we supjwse, the swallowing of limestone as
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Tubercle, a small, hard, superficial tumour, circumscribed and
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readily submit to it — an important matter, for, whatever the
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Louisia Wood testified that, on the 24th of January,, 1848, Miss Booth and
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begun with cord desiccated for fourteen days, and preserved twenty
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lymphoid patches. No true ulcers were observed in any of the dogs
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