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left lung and pericardium, having very thick infitrated walls and

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taken every precaution to avoid the placenta, and yet had cut

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in Brooklyn, 1 found these "liordea," as I propose to

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the beginning our dosage was too small because we had to economize

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Three weeks ago a mass of earth and loose stones fell upon his back between the

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experienced surgeons — men who, during their professional lives, have

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enne. Ann. de la Policlin. de Bordeaux, 1855-6, iv. 212-

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The diagnosis involves the exclusion of embolism and thrombosis, acute

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he doubted the possibility, at this late hour, of giving

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while groups of very small cells are found in connexion with the

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pecially in splenic hypertrophy) the termination of the

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least twice the pretreatment levels in 6 of 12 subjects receiving

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ing on each side, both from within the mouth, and on the skin externally. Then,

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son's case there was elevation of temperature and great

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In Ontario one person in every one thousand of the pop-

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the regions of the broad ligaments, the largest being on

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never complained of his back since. This has been three months ago.

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Third. — All instruments used in the diagnosis and

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for sound surgical advice? Sir William MacCormac is a

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protected 471. That is to say, the incidence for typhoid for the first

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been collected in a sterile container with bacterial precautions, the same

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"I need not state in cxtcnso the conclusions that it will be

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of the medical profession in the aggregate as an integral

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University of Nancy. — Dr. J. Rohmer has been ap-

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octohedra gradually appear in the water around them. In nitric acid they

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kuU P had not been fractured. It was supposed that the person had been

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