tation and in the hospital at least half a dozen cases of

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and moderate walks, increasing the labor each day as the

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the use of the skin to take the place of the disabled kidneys, or in

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of them — " As from their peculiar fine flavour they are not

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and is set aside by a microscopical examination of the retina. 2.

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About this time he was suddenly seized with pain in his neck,

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fats and carbohj^drates, the oxygen being largely required for the com-

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the therapy of congenital and paralytic club-foot.] Casop.

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present a state of tumefaction which renders them more

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bution of prizes to the students of the Calcutta Medical

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seemed possible that the patient might recover without

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The subject of baths in this disease lias engrossed much at-

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the reader cannot lose sight of the fact that a microorganism which is

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versity shows that over twenty-five hundred examinations of

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Principles IV (Applied). Prof . Long and assistants. One lecture weekly

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a patient from whom I had removed an ovarian tumour. There

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cet, Lond., 1885, i, 682. — Hirsh (A. B.) The "polyclinic

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The opium may be pushed to the extreme of toleration

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of rendering the large arteries impervious, is one-

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eign bodies of organic nature, such as nut kernels, peas, beans, maize,

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setms to have rested upon no better foundation than that the medical attend-

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aBul. No. 65, Arkansas Expt. Sta. «Bol. No. 65, p. 103, Arkansas Expt. Sta.

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■ occur frequently in those already afflicted with some serious disease that is

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In any case we believe that a methodical examination

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should be kept clean and moist. Internal medication too serious

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tion, before the patient has been weakened by prolonged absti-

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production of acuminate red papules, with a broken hair in their centre,

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be passed either between, or near, the extremities of the bones ;

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annual meetings, as inaugurated last year, has, we believe, been suc-

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■with the commencement of free trade ; and I state that in such

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which affects predominantly the sympathetic nervous system. This

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Life Extension unit was inaugurated last fall. One hundred and

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mixtures can be recovered, and two cases are reported which tend to show

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a rule, slightly less severe than the first paroxysm. The patient usually

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laboratory, where advanced students or graduates can

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from fear of being beaten, or by a fancy that one sub-

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of it no direct return is apparent. The globules of the blood pass

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