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Dose.—H.., TTixx.-xl. (1.3-2.6); D., miii.-v. (.2-.3).
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ture of exit being especially liable to laceration, and the effects
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formed with a prophylactic purpose, as such strictures are very
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Dr. Dryer reported a case of imperforate anus, in a newly born male child,
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of alcoholics in this disease has given rise, of late, to much discussion, and,
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conduct of medical workers to discover facts or to co-ordinate
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for the correction of odors and tastes in water vary from complete suc-
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appearance, and the cessation of menstruation, onanism, and the abuse of
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(for an adult gr. -^-^) may be selected. Nervous symptoms —
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the island was five years, and it was noticed that when-
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has particularly noted the small amount of the so-called ex-
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To this it may be objected that a substitute for the
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regions. Chest and cardiac examination was normal. Her
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these muscles, contracting after the operation, drew up the limb and caused the
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disease in its epidemic forms. Drs. Barton, Carpenter, Petten-
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from a sitting to a standing position. Later his arms had a
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forms of expression into which all others are ultimately
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After the commencement of the 5th year's service for pension
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days, until it is ascertained whether inflammation and swelling
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clot, and the serum was of a greenish, yellow color. The whole, serum and
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bladder from the uterus will permit of an extensive expos-
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stasis, coagulation and thrombosis and the resulting softening when
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best use of such lights as his times afforded ; attend to his
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lines intersect at an oblique angle at 0, the obliquity depending on both
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