Dr. Goelet thought it was not as distinctly tonic as

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Examination of Saliva for Mercury for the Prevention of Mercurial

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cultures. The coffee was then inoculated for 48 hours,

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the subject and found that hysterical paralysis of both abductors is one

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manual to lie upon the table for instant reference.

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pathiilogico-therapeutic commentarv. Brit. Rec. Olist. M.

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What, then, is the significance of this reduction of

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the forward flow of the bowel contents, is a wave-like contraction that

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" ' Wrong,' said Watson ; ' it's much simpler than that. Just

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Caries, dental gangrene, or decay, is almost exclusively con-

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This view is further supported by the fact that sensory disturbances of myelic

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A long sea voyage in a warm latitude has been found signally beneficial.

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are inclined to doubt the correctness of the culture experiments of Kartulis.

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whether the acid be added before or during the boiling. In performing

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which inoculation was practiced; and a period during which inoculation was

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Publishers, 1914-16 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

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Your financial support of the Missouri State Medical Foundation has provided more

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be careful to eliminate all possibility of mistake by observ-

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schau, Wien, 1889, iii, 881-885. Also [ Ab.'itr. ] : Mili-

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in detail later on — that it was Panum who determined the length

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in 32 (1957: 31) States including Washington, D. C. and 5 Canadian provinces and has borrowed 10 (1957: 15)

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Jf the pulse weakens or collapse threatens, stimulants should be freely

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shall for each and every instance of such practice forfeit and

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Many of these patients eat too little, and the amount of nourish-

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