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female partners became infected. For condoms to provide

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not speedily cause improvement, erase; if too late for

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were positive in humans. These data suggest the importance

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tralasia, and Australia. Next to the United States, of the

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common salt has been dissolved, and to which has been added a

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there are numerous instances on record where hemor-

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woman. She noted nothing particular until 2 days later,

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omission ; for, as Mr. Reeves sagaciously observes,

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ascending colon, and several coproliths could be pal-

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to an instrument store, or a blacksmith, or some mechanic, to have

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cases of typhoid fever. Its presence is only of diagnos-

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and corrugates strongly the right corrugator super-

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figure of the great anatomist — surrounded by an animated crowd of students, fellow physicians,

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These are preparations for external use. Simple collodion is a

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Cocci : arranged as diplococci ; the two opposing surfaces are some-

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The heart is slowed ; the action of the respiratory pump is diminished ;

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constantly demonstrate to the incomers that useful-

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the increase in Erdington, especiaUy in the immediate vicinity

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is a most efficient remedy also, both to counteract the depression and

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She was quite sure her husband was not the man he used to

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tion of these colon bacilli, there is liberated an enormous dose of

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determination, and Sorensen's^ formol titration which determines

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the sudden relief afforded during rotation. The true character of these

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carried out after dilution if they have previously been negative. The

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Tertian Parasite (Plasmodium vivax). — This species is the cause

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presentation in the fourth position. She began her labor on Thursday

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demic ; if the locality does not supply this condition,