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when boiling. Besides these, there are several other

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physician found an intumescence of the scrotum, and

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ally. This leave is not forfeited if not taken during the

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of this time — I believe nearly three months — the indoor

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Dr. D. Braden Kyle, of Philadelphia, has recently in-

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huckstering and newspaper claptrap contemptible, but that

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cian, but he has evidently not forgotten the rediictio ad

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form of micrococci. He claims to have succeeded in cultivating the mi-

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The appetite is sometimes notably impaired, but in other cases it is

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pus, and its vessels were only detected here and there. Already several

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The supra-renal capsules were found in their natural position, were

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it. True, the 'Atlanta brought the cholera into the

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erosion surrounds the external os evenly, and has a glistening,

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scribed this remarkable disease in a paper* read before the

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Feldman, Leon H., Asheville; Univ. of Md., 1934 1938 1938

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Life Cycle. — The life cycle is similar to that of the

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spection and cooperation by reputable physicians invited

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state of fatty degeneration, two conditions not at all favorable to

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is only natural that there should be more cases of aphasia associated

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ipecacoanha, in doses sufficiently large or sufficiently frequently repeated

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hand by causing the patient to sit up and lean well forwards. In this case,

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the ojieration of short-circuiting (ileo-sigmoidostomy) was decided

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which persisted for hours at a time. Hyperesthesia,

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topical was preferred to general bloodletting, and tartar emetic adminis-

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with concomitant cardiac weakness. To put the matter in another

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very remarkable case, is given in detail by Dr. Bell, in Canada

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clinician. It has occurred to Dr. Foster that a conspectus and

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we were yet sinners Christ died for us," He read aloud as

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cerebral hemispheres are the seat of the reasoning powers, or of the intellectual faculties ;