&H the muscles were in a tremulous motion, and when he would attempt to rise, his motions

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atives of which were generally to be found in their proper

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he thought it expedient for people to retire from the presence

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appearances. By ''taken altogether," he meant that the position, arrange-

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those who know Dr. Sharpcy's qualities I need only say

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and labour pains had almost ceased. A moderate-sized child

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Laboratory of E. C. Spitzka, M. D. Series iii, No. 2. Nodu-

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are made, which would give the physician a clew to diseases,

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lithotrite (as Bigelow states), and the latter, as fur-

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vomiting, and would have indicated minute doses as the most

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the stomach being free for the passage of blood. On the contraction of

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but when one came to tuberculous peritonitis, cirrhosis of the hver, and

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buds obtained from Covent-garden market, and not worth relying on.

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recognised as " fibro-plastic," " reeurreut fibroid," " fibro-

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fellow-creature on your head. commenced ; he passed urine with difficulty,

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one-fifth of the total number ; pain, whether along nerve-trunks or

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clerk. His health had been good till 1867, when he had an

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is necessary to be careful not to exalt the virtues of me-

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fluid to hold the uric acid in solution. Tlie only exact method is to estimate the

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except in well-established cases. Both sexes seem to be equally

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first noticed a tumor in the right side, it has gradu-

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orange. On putting the fingers into the sac the ends of the frac-

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engorged. The dura may also be the seat of miliary tubercles. Small

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in a case reported by Nothnagel, nor in another by Weinland.

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When the bacteriological diagnosis does not harmonize with the

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so trenchant a pen should be silent. Dr. Connor's unsparing

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swollen and painful. Resorcin inoculation, by means of

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other case the embolism did not occur till very much later,

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a minute portion of opium was added to the iron to check the