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means of which the blades can be firmly closed, and any

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Census statistics, enrollment and attendance, 1896-97 210

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gestion of the kidney .^^ Such are, pre-eminently, heart disease,

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The New York Neurological Society. — At the next meet-

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ulna, and the carpal bones, as well as in comminution of the

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lives they are physically weaker. We erect hospitals to

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In February 1920 the patient was admitted to Guy's Hospital,

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guinis hominis; chyluria. Proc. Allahabad M. Soc, 1882,

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In December, 1907, it was announced that the King had been

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Resolved, That in addition to the requirements for foreign graduates,

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in their turn. He styles it " arthropathie ataxique " or " tabetique."

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Early in May, 1898, the man first experienced a " rough-

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^lichigan. Some of the best hotels provide spring-water ;

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and the formation of gas is frequently troublesome, bile in the intestinal canal

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The urinary examinations were as fflldwg^ Average amount

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mal. On the posterior surface of the lower lobe of the right lung is a caseous portion* the

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and Practice of Medicine, Frederic John Farre, M.D , and

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pigsties under another." l The Boards of Guardians,

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was but a single violation of the law of parallelism. 1 This disease, there-

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culties of ophthalmoscopic examination, which, at all

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ture was placed in the artery, the vein was tied and the

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pneumogastric nerve without any alteration in the state of the

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statistics of mortality and of sickness, while they, at the same

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April 13-15— Recent Advances in Hemophilia Care. The Hemophilia

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