Such pain may be the result of muscular rheumatism, inter-
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is well known to every practising physician ; but admitting,
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measured by its effect on the organization of these
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minuteness that savours of the supertluous, for he records the
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no residue. No coloration is produced with nitric or sul-
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in a condition of obstinately high febrile excitement; a state of the
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Labor and Delivery. Tenex (guanfacine hydrochloride) is not
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admitted into the private ward of Sir P. Dun's Hospital, on the 1st
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tact with the eye, the corneal epithelium (anterior
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he caught at imaginary objects in the air, and seemed to have lost all know-
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Tbe work altogether, we may acain In; {xirmitted to ob-
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tunity of watching the effects of the baths on a large number of '
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Microscopic examination proved it to be a carcinomatous devel-
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standardized in the William Pepper Laboratory of Medicine at
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which he demonstrates that pneumococci grow to per-
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but may be so in the beginning or during temporary increase of size. The
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on the back and chest. "Whisky antl water, in equal parts, may
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the camera is properly calibrated, the results are stable indefinitely.
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This is an excellent appointment, and among other things will abolish the
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when, together with any of the remoter signs, there are
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treatment as the first, except that solutions of bichloride
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ease is in no way aggravated by it, and very rarely in-
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Auxiliary health projects to focus on adolescents —
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temperaments (or dominant humors according to Galen) the choleric, sanguine, melancholic,
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each side very carefully, so that no natural prominence is within
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is a female, aged forty-seven, admitted on \ cellaneous articles, are the nose and the
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all the really legitimate cases of sickness and poverty in the city.
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Soc. fian9. d'opbt., Piir., 1895, xiii, 224-234. Also: Ann.