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Organs within the Thorax," is contributed by Dr. R.
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be found in the great lack of protein in the diet, because of which the
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annular spaces 2-5 mm. wide except between the first rings,
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wholesome restriction in the State of New York, a law having
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than regurgitation. The means by which the mechanical
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ease is manifested chiefly by the symptoms referable to the circulation.
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of the ligature, and experience proves that secondary hemor-
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The fits were very striking when observed. The first one I saw
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an agate mortar, and were probably due in some way to the fatty
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not been established. There is some truth in this objection,
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Louis Starr,* of Philadelphia, also cites several cases
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that the trouble is due to an acute exacerbation of a
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between mere theory and practice. If pus-cavities, as
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definite amount of water — this is termed the water of
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patient in a plaster jacket, will at once appear to every one
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this political hoax is not fostered on the American
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are followed by speedy death, and yet no appearances
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He went through a second typical pneumonia. Dr. Carl Weidner
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consummate observer by whom the organization of the animal frame has
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Sec the sensitive eyelids guarded by a row of long hairs along the
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In nervous affections, bleeding is no remedy; the nervous afTection
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tion candidates who had passed the Senior Grade Intermediate
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method of disposal where the dilution is sufficient. It is, however,
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in that way, allowing it to contract. On opening the sac the interior
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of a febris intermittens comitata, maniaca, cpileptica, comitosa, apo-
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The disease runs a protracted course of months or years, im-
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principles that have been amply vindicated by experience, we present
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cannot conscientiously promise a complete and lasting cure.
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and if it is desired to have more, it will be a difficult