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these evils, which was adapted to beings who are still subject to the

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tavo volume of 550 pages, with 225 fine original illustrations. Cloth.

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the same impressions, necessarily feel alike, think alike, and act

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selected cases of unilateral disease. The fear of in-

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to the subject was written by Van de Warker of Syracuse

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relations of these acts to the pulse and to the changes in

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copper or zinc sulphate is often an advantage. These should never be

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of its genuineness, but it causes great distress to the infant. This of

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ounces of peas, or If ounces of rice, or 1| ounces of hominy

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general belief operation for inguinal hernia in the child

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from Constantinople. The following account describes

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•2 lb., owing to haemorrhage into its tissues, was easily removed. A

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of free discussion and examination, but in the instances to which we now

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that, instead of considering the toxine as a complex mixture of various

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It constitutes a division of medicine called prophylaxis. The name

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carbolic acid) are to be mixed with a tumblerful of hot water, and the

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letter from their Chief of Service). For information contact: Department of Obstet-

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uncovered portions of the body. Three such cases occurred in 1876 on

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Sequard, Charcot, Vulpian, Dujardin-Beaumetz, Gaillard, Mayet,

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inch above the extremity; higher up it appeared perfectly healthy; the

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alcoholic drinks, and the effects of one^s occupation or business, all have

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into practice, Professor Grant would not have had the merit of

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of the conus, and formed a spindle-form swelling in the filum.

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Carcinomas of the Pylorus with Stenosis. Medullary in Type.

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at the breast, no other food should be allowed ; otherwise,

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doses of x-rays no longer had an increased resistance, but were

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tive are the remarks on the bearing of the case on the questions of

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« "Jd. This has sometimes given rise to a suspicion of poisonin/

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an entry in the register of Stanway, in Gloucestershire, stating that

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4. Tuberculosis of the Knee Joint in the Adult in which

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In tliat case the tumor was then removed by vaginal enuclea-