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Botvditrli, V. V. Opening remarks of the pn-sideul at

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It weighed one pound, and measured eleven inches. It was merely wrapped

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produce tlie results iu question^ and whether^ taking into considera-

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Edinburgh and Dr Guthrie of London. In his preface he says :

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or cavernous growths. Diffuse sarcomatous degeneration of the thyroid has

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Dr. Irwin Moore read the following further remarks by Mr. W. M.

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with the sputa in the form of spots or streaks. If it be more abundant, it

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Psychopathia Sexnalis : A Medico-Legal Study. By Dr. R. Von Krafft-Ebino.

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inflammation. It frequently occurs, however, under other circumstances ;

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merely in medicine and surgery, but in the prevention of disease

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Rates Reasonable. Patients under the care of their own physicians, |

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played a principal part in producing the peculiar character of the

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The cuts are especially expressive, clear, and well brought out. The

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the child grows older he becomes ashamed of his crooked legs

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Ibid. torn. iv. 1896, p. 340. 27. REMAK. Internal, Med. Cong. Berlin, 1890, Bd. iv.

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Dr. A. E. Allen showed experimentally some years ago

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?rofession, and appears to be fully established as regards certain of them,

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of haemorrhoids may be performed in the vast majority of

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rational. Mrs. Carlyle's friend, Forster, 1 was once in

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ciple of success, and the would-be prizeman is almost sure to

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the ureters again into the genitourinary tract, tubes,

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stone regardless of location and size within the domain of this treat-

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body in health, vigour, and efficiency on quantities of protein

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a troublesome diarrhcea, which does not readily yield to

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A Face and Nasal Inhaler, with the mouth tube, makes it practi-

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minor surgery and bandaging, burns, scalds and frost bite,

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In these 210 crashes the pilot Avas fatally injured in 23 cases

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attached by means of a long pedicle. The cyst had the glisten-