the application of a tourniquet, although no large vessels

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used were 2% emulsions in salt solution of the alcohol precipitated bacterial

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every freeholder who needs water for lawn, domestic, fire, or any

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jures fabrics, and the heat has little penetrating power.

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birth, the reverse holds true. Fojtal endocarditis has been often observed,

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heat, and any agents which debilitate the system;" and adds, "that it

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any dilatation of left ventricle. Both cases fed in part on rice water.

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occupied in abridging life — from the time of the flood to the time of Moses, who

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normal shadow at the right hylura and a little opacity at the right base.

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« Qoatrieme Circalaire, p. 206. t Lond. Athensum, No. 443; AprU 23, 1836.

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typhus has been called by some a petechial eruption. This is incorrect.

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plaster up to the knee before making any extension at all, because then

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This Council has been in existence nine years, and now for the

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normal in shape ; the diaphyses very short and poorly de-

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these gentlemen were associated with Dr. James M'Ghie,

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medical and non-medical of imposing breadth and depth. That he

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remarkably brilliant and dense, he concludes that solid matter

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atresia of the genital tract; also to operative removal of

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ton ; the stone was unusually large and rough, so large in its

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more ago, showing the end results of treatment. Of 93 cases 05 were success-

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4°. Ulceration of the cornea can undoubtedly arise as a consequence

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formation of the blue iodide of starch, was presented. In preserving animal

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sentatives of the early Aryan immigrants into India. A great

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pendent upon the fact that the head is placed obliquely along the pelvis,

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operation of ovariotomy I performed, about eighteen

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pains were strong ; the os was opened to the size of

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back, and loins, skin dry and harsh, costive bowels, the passage

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rican surgeons who preceded them — " there were he-

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