of the heart. Should we make this section at a time when the pulse

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" It is like a man of war ready to sail to any port in which there is impend-

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than the venom alone. There is, therefore, a similarity between

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as evidenced by tarry stools or by occult blood in the

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4. After this period poultry, game, and meat may be gradually allowed,

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the duty of the Government to pay special attention

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Society) for such a term and at such a salary as the publication

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275, just describes the situation. They are, indeed,

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income by the sale of their pictures. A partnersiiip

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Other writers on diseases of the heart mention such eases without assert-

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of these spasmodic actions lies in the ganglionic cells of the medulla

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temperature (the pulse being almost always simultaneously diminished),

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and loses color through the ripening-process. It is better to

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affected, and the loss of power is always greater than when a large ner-

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mining industry throughout the world. A year or two ago

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atives of which were generally to be found in their proper

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the Grace of God, King of Lngland, France and Ireland. Defender of

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air, the soil, and in surface waters. Their presence in a ground water

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made in the smallpox, was giving^ it a greater opportunity to take place. I

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and habitual hardness of the belly; the prevalence of water on the

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Cooper, .M.D. (Hull); R. M. Craven, Esq. (Hull); 0.

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under special conditions, seals the lips of the physi-

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confined to a narrow zone of the uterine musculature and strictly

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In the operation of hysterectomy, as it has been recently done,

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There is one peculiarity in mortification, namely, mortification

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slight twitchings of the muscles of the face. He had several

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caused by cachexia or by one of the complications already enumerated.

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produced the greater dyspncea. It evidently could only be removed

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in which he compared the cost of maintaining an automobile with a team

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a minimum lethal dose being the smallest amount of an eighteen hour culture

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Some authors have of late advanced the idea that mal-

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