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The tubercula quaclrigemina are the principal terminations of the
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of uterine retroflexion, done bv folding the lisar->
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cases, shoidd be added. This plan of treatment is applicable to a pretty large
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on a glass spool, in a one-to-one-thousand solution of the same.
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delicate or diseased, and often presents club-foot, spina bifida, or other
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In 1838, M. Gendrin published his Traite Philosophique
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various parts of the body, but, as a rule, affects first the muscles of the
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may conclude that the bleeding has done good. Keep the patient
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If there are any evidences of malaria, tongaline and quinine tablets
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The last theory which the Report before us enters on the dis-
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shall we aspirate, run the risk of wounding vital struct-
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314 Lockyer ; Embryotomy after Version for Placenta Fraevia
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to hsemorrhoids, of intestinal hemorrhage or meltena, and of the ^scharp
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Under full mydriasis a small Y-shaped foreign body could be
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also, and when it is e.-:ceedingly developed, j diat de rintelligencc. Ccs causes se rap-
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A'iously had the measles. The ages of the very young children who took
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widely separated regions, usually in villages and coun-
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of this structure involves the shaft in preference to
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bandage at all V It docs not cause contraction ; it does not guard against
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when gall stones have existed for years, should be removed
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cided to try radium treatment. On December 17th 1200 mg.
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(11.) After the discussion upon any specimen, the Exhibitor has the right
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Antitoxic therapy has a history of several thousand years.
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tity for inaeting any sudden emergency, and certainly sufficient to propagate a aupply from, will b»
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should receive consideration in view of the fact that habitual hoarseness is
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sidered as having no effect on tlie blood Jecting infants with .2 c. c. of their own
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with screams and agitation ; others seemed in a state of half
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G. A. Baxter thought that an operation should have been performed