diminished in size and number, and contain minute, greenish-colored oil-

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that the trouble is due to an acute exacerbation of a

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ing all the light upon the operation of this article, in single full doses,

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mometer fell the other night to 5 F. — a very low temperature

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Battey, who was one of the original workers in this department of sur-

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medical terms, then paying for the treatment through

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schr. z. Feier . . . Fr. von Esmarch, Kiel u. Leipz., 1893,

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truly fact. Thus the assertion that a man is labouring under apoplexy,

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He following exhibits the number of blind in the kingdom

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with the sallow complexion, the dull headache, the disordered appe-

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respecting the. vapours of inflammable liquids, It is supposed, because tin

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were very painful, but that was all. His jaws remained locked until

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Kalisclier (S.) Ein Fall von subacuter nuclearer Oph-

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in the Hospital, was in a state of extreme mental and physical

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Case V.— A little girl (A. P.), aged twelve, applied at the Adelaide

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ment consists of rest and compression, and occasionally

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Maker has written on our hearts, and it is displeasing to

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1899 Fischer inoculated a solution containing d-alanin and inorganic

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Quimby said that when patients become ill with tuber-

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lungs excrete has acid properties; when in the blood it

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classed as the cause of acute articular rheumatism, scarlet

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seen. In spite of the apparent immediate beneficial effect

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charges itself sooner,— is more active in throwing off its blood,

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of the Medical Teachers' Association. Never does our system

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in a more serious manner, if possible, than at any former period ; and

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Colonel Harrison. To our mind a more systematic arrangement

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the external jugular was involved less so, and it was complicated also by

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By the charter of the Institution a Graduate of this School can practice his profession

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completely comatose ; had been three weeks ill. Symptoms during the ill-

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the subject of a clinical lectui'e at Westminster Hospital by Dr. Thomson,

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cian, standing behind the patient, should palpate the

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volleys of musketry, or they are cursed and jeered at as traitors, mur-