case where he was called in to attend a woman in her confinement. The
of their papers to the Council for distribution to members previous to
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As the result of this examination an attempt was made to pass a
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the indications finom the disease do not require any thing further;
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later cardiac compensation is reestablished, the kidneys will often be
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from cold, it becomes necessary to enquire whether the prisoner exposed it
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neuroglia fibers of vertebrates and which are in permanent relation to the
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application of cocaine and chromic acid, and in children
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clothing, exercise, respiration, etc., which each person must take
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Who stood so straight that he leaned over backward !
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tissue present, the larger forms are more commonly found among the
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atheroma or thrombosis, with resultant degeneration of
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reference to the hand, the carpal and metacarpal bones represent one hah of its
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Session on invitation of the officers of this Association,
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the latter, most rapidly form pustules, the contents of
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general reader will undoubtedly be interested in its perusal.
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not this or that system " — Bost. Med. dc Surg. J ,fom Lond. Lancet.
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spinal cord, and the condition of the heart's valves are to be noticed
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the surface. After the injection, the a})plication of Churchiirs
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who lias written learnedly on the subject, began, and, as
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which T.R. is not used. (4) The study of the action
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The frequency with which bronchiectasis occurs may be judged
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back from the anus, where it is less sensitive, is touched with phenol
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convulsions or spasmodic attacks from slight accidental causes.
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seen or heard of a case where I thought phthisis had been thus
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tilatcd, and ill-drained domiciles on every side, will see why
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Fig. 2. Such a fall is what we should expect to result from so
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science itself, as that the final object of which is to enable him to
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son opposes the general prejudice against sugar. He
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sis of the hard parts, as well as those of the soft tissues,
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end of three weeks the cure was complete. This opera-
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The course of study approved and adopted was as follows:
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htemorrhage ; twelve to abscess, mostly secondary ; in one the abscess was
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years previously, from which he made a poor recovery.
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operation last spring, which has greatly relieved that depart-
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first thirty-five cases he has operated on, and which
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violence occasionally results from the effect of this subtle agent, it might
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Smith." But Dr. Dunn does not say who was present at the
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